Pedder Sponsor's - DulwichPrep Hollywood Ball 2022

Published: 25/06/2022 By DulwichPrep

The DulwichPrep London Hollywood Ball took place at the Early Year site on Saturday 18th June 2022. The official sponsor for this year’s event was Pedder Estate Agent and the charity was King’s College Hospital’s Pediatric Occupational Therapy Team.

The event commenced with a Champagne & Canapé reception for the guests whilst being serenaded by live jazz from Casino Moon.  All 480 attendees were then invited to take their seats by the Headmaster, Louise Davidson who announced Pedder as the event sponsor and introduced two representatives from King’s College Hospital’s Pediatric Therapy Team.  The hospital spokesperson proceeded to address the audience with a speech about the incredible work that the team provide for sick children and on what the donation would be spent on.

Guests were then presented with a delicious 3 course dinner and regaled by two mind blowing magicians who walked around each table performing magic. They also had the chance to read the luxury Hollywood Ball Brochure which was placed at each guest’s table setting. (Pedder was credited in a half page advert and also given a special thank you as the official sponsors of the event).

The charitable aspect of the evening kicked off with raising money from selling Lucky Dip prizes.  This as swiftly followed by a silent auction organised by auction specialist - Superstars. The final auction was a live event with an auctioneer selling Blockbuster prizes to the guests.  The final amount raised was over £60,000.

The evening finished with a dancing and much merriment.