About Us

We specialise in SE London because it’s where we belong. It’s where we grew up, where our children go to school. It’s the place we know. And it’s where we want to be.

Your values are our values, and this area reflects them.

Like you, we aspire to better things. We are determined to achieve the best for ourselves and our family, while behaving in a responsible and honourable way.

We don’t consider ourselves to be agents, with whom you have a transactional relationship. We’re partners in your ambitions; helping you to fulfil your goals.

We’re in this together.

Why? Because we live or die by our reputation. A good reputation is hard won and precious. It’s directly related to the way we treat people: with respect and honesty. And it can only be sustained if you – the people we live alongside – deem it deserved.

Our business is built for and by you. Our neighbours. 

Here’s to a better future together. 


The Pedder Group Head Office 

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Alex Pedder

Chief Executive

Tel: 0208 702 8333
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Amy Pedder

The Pedder Group- Public Relations

Tel: 0208 702 8333
Email: Amy@pedderproperty.com

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Kirsty McComb

HR Director- The Pedder Group 

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Grace Roarty

Executive Assistant

Tel: 020 702 8333

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Sally Lewis

Financial Controller

Tel: 0208 702 8333


The Pedder Group Heads of Division

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Bill Russell

Managing Director
Residential Sales & Lettings

Tel: 0208 702 9444
Email: bill@pedderproperty.com
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Stuart Harris 

Development Consultancy

Tel: 0208 702 9999

stuart@pedderproperty.   com  
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Catherine Rafferty

Elysian Finance

Tel: 0208 702 8666
Email: catherine@elysianfinance.co.uk 
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Victoria Phillips

Residential Lettings

Tel: 0208 702 8555
Email: victoria@pedderproperty.com

The Pedder Group