Brockley news - Beecroft Garden School news

Published: 19/07/2021 By Friends of Beecroft Gardens

2021 saw Pedder start their relationship with Beecroft Garden School in Brockley, and we were delighted to receive this update from Clare, one of the 'Friends of Beecroft Garden' team.

Although Beecroft Garden Primary have been unable to do their usual fundraising events due to the pandemic they have been committed to supporting their local community.
An event early on in lockdown saw live cookery classes happening over zoom, with donations to a fund,  which meant that food parcels and Xmas presents could be provided to those who are part of our wider Beecroft family.
Our next challenge, as the pandemic continued was how to find new ways to raise money. The school were keen to provide a newer up to date range of books which help bring diversity to the forefront of the curriculum. They decided on a wish list of books which parents could buy for their child’s class, and through support from Pedder and their boards, the Friends of Beecroft (FOBs) will now match fund all book purchases made.
Thanks to Pedder we are able to help Beecroft replenish the schools library with a range of books that will instil in our children the importance of different cultures and seeing themselves represented in the books they read