Dulwich Village Infants Summer Fair 2019

Published: 27/08/2019

Our Summer Fair. A result to be proud of.
Together we raised £6,500 at the Dulwich Village Infants school Summer Fair and it was brilliant proof of how much the community supports the school.

A notable part of the money raised came from the support of Pedder Estate Agents, who we partnered with for the boards and to who we are tremendously grateful.

Thanks to this we were able to invest in newer attractions alongside some old favourites. We welcomed 'Wild Fangs' for the first time who took over a classroom, to introduce the children to hissing cockroaches, a corn snake and an enormous Boa Constrictor.
The inaugural Make, Draw and Grow competition for the children attracted some strong entries from each year group, including an avocado plant, a King Kong model and some beautiful posters inspired by the year’s lessons and we had some great prizes to give away.

A huge thank you again to Pedder for making this possible!