How to film your property for a virtual viewing

Published: 07/05/2020

Due to the current lockdown, virtual viewings have become a vital part of keeping the property market moving. We have gathered some helpful tips on how to film your property for a virtual viewing.

  • Try and film your video in the highest possible resolution for your device
  • Landscape videos look better as you can get more in the shot
  • Ensure you have cleaned the house, made the bed and there are no distracting items lying around
  • Plan your route so you can move through the property easily and in a logical order
  • Focus on areas of the house you love or are a particular selling point
  • If you are not explaining key feature of the property put the volume on mute
  • Do as many takes as you like, the better quality of the video, the more interest the property will get
  • Film during the day instead of at night
  • Keep the camera steady, try and avoid jolting and going to quickly
  • Make sure you include any external areas such as parking spaces, garages, garden etc.
  • Avoid filming anything which may be a security risk e.g. your door number