Pedder Proudly Sponsored the Alexandra Junior School Summer Fair 2022

Published: 12/08/2022 By Pedder and Alexandra Junior School

Pedder Proudly Sponsored the Alexandra Junior School Summer Fair 2022
Alexandra Junior School held it's first fair since 2019, due to the pandemic.
We estimate over 800 attendees, over 3 and a half hours. Total funds raised (profit) at the event was over £5,500. Event included 18 game stalls, an inflatable obstacle course, BBQ, bar, AJS
gymnastics club display, AJS choir and live music from a pop/rock cover band.
Thanks to Pedder’s generous support, the school Parents, Teachers and Friend’s Association is now able to help AJS
develop an exciting spending programme for the next school year.
Priorities include providing more support to children adversely affected by the pandemic and expanding the
opportunities and range of experiences all children are able to have.
We have already agreed the following with the school:
• Funds to support an exciting new music curriculum to cover the entire school, with a specific aim of widening
participation in music and better reflecting the diverse community the school serves
• Shakespeare immersive drama workshops
• Funds to support Black History Month activities and learning
• First aid training for all children in year 6
• Ingredients costs for healthy cooking classes for all year groups
• Outdoor play and sports equipment for use during playtimes
Projects also under development include:
• Expanding the school’s IT equipment, including touch screen lap tops for all children to use in classes
• Extra targeted support for children who need it