Pedder Sponsors - St Christopher’s CARE

Published: 02/05/2022 By Pedder, St Christopher’s

Pedder is delighted to be one of the sponsors of St Christopher’s Centre for Awareness and Response to End of Life (CARE) which opened it’s doors at the end of last year.

St Christopher’s CARE is a new £6.5 million state-of-the-art education center offering a space to explore living with dying and loss. CARE will provide the knowledge, skills and support to answer questions in regards, to death and dying, from ‘how to deal with grief’ to ‘explaining palliative care’. CARE offers courses, workshops and regular training initiatives to provide information to care for those who are grieving or dying.

St Christopher’s CARE will also regularly feature art exhibitions and other events for members of the public to have a space for peaceful contemplation.