Pedder are a proud supporter of West Norwood Feast

Published: 07/03/2023 By the pedder group are proud supporters of west norwood feast

Pedder are a proud supporter of West Norwood Feast. We are very proud to be supporting West Norwood Feast as part of our Community Promise. The Feast is held on the first Sunday of the month, April through to December, is Feast day in West Norwood. Since 2011, this is the day when 5000+ locals take to the streets to enjoy their very own volunteer-powered street market festival. West Norwood Feast is a community event built around 100 market stalls over four ‘hubs’ around the high street. It is run almost entirely by volunteers who book the stalls and organise a full programme of free children’s activities and live entertainment. It is a farmer’s market, a craft fair, a flea market and a street food hub all rolled into one.
Each monthly Feast is run by volunteers who organise free community engaging events in addition to the core market activity. These range from talks on Caribbean cuisine for Black History month, a fashion show showcasing local talent and retail, art trails up and down the high street, to a Sports Feast that featured all the local organisations that promote active lifestyles. Added to this, volunteers organise a full schedule of entertainment at each Feast (from brass bands to live DJs) and plenty of fun and creative children’s activities (from sports days to mural making).
Feast has approximately 40 regular volunteers, plus more occasional supporters, employs a part time coordinator and was self-sustaining within three years of operation. There is nothing else like West Norwood Feast! Check out the website for more information